Gillum: ‘We’re Hopeful That Every Single Vote Will Be Counted in This Race’

‘We want every vote counted’


GILLUM: “We want every vote counted. We didn't go across this state talking to folks in red county, blue counties, purple counties not to have them have their say. And so I want you to know that in spite of the fact that we're a little bit down in the numbers, we're hopeful that every single vote will be counted in this race and that way that all of us can walk away feeling extremely confident about what each and everyone of us did to go out here and to have our stay in this election. This election has never been about me. You heard me all along the trail talking about the fact that this is about us. That power sees nothing without a demand, that we got to be willing to show up every single day and demand our seat at the table. Well, we're sitting at the table and now it's important that we ensure that every vote be counted in this process. I am so thankful, again, for everything that you've done to help us out along this way. I would be dishonest if I didn't say that this wasn't hard. This is extremely hard. But you know what? The fight for progress, the fight for change, the fight for what it is we want, it's hard. And that just means that you got to, again, stiffen your spine and square your shoulders to the task. I'm prepared to do that we've been prepared to do that all along the way and we're continuing that fight today. So all I've got to say is let's count every vote and let's bring it home. Take care everybody."

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