Geraldo on Fla. Recount: Who Need Russian Collusion When You Have an Old School Dem Party Machinery?

‘I think the big news is, just how divided the American electorate is’


GERALDO: "Tens of thousands, but every time I read a new account of the tally, it changes. They find a box here, a box there. Who needs Russian collusion when you have an old school Democratic Party machinery there? I lament the way politics pollutes something that should be a citizen, you know, aspect of life."
DOOCY: "Come on —"
GERALDO: "No, but the thing is, remember the hanging chads though, Steve? It just seemed to me the will of the people was not represented. Rather it became the will of the party official who was holding the chad up to the light. I’m very worried. Florida law since then has improved. Now you have this automatic machine recount if it's within half a percent and manual recount if it's within a quarter of a percent. I think the big news is just how divided the American electorate is in these swing states."

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