Hayden: ‘I Am a Strong Supporter’ of the 2nd Amendment But ‘We Are Badly Overarmed’

‘We’re not doing this right’


HAYDEN: "Well, it’s a long-term solution. Let me just say I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and I believe that, as a country, we are badly overarmed. I don’t think those are inconsistent statements at all. When events like this happen, we have folks pointing out that these are likely inevitable and we’re saying that in the only country in the world in which these kinds of events routinely happen. I’m part of a group that’s lobbying for better gun laws, and the core of my belief here is that there are certain weapons that no one should have and there are some people out there who should not be allowed to have any weapons. And we can do that and still remain true to the Second Amendment."

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