Brad Blakeman: Broward and Palm Beach Counties Are Asking Dem Candidates How Many Votes They Need to Win

‘And they find votes in the trunks of cars, they find them in hallways’


BLAKEMAN: "In 2000 and this election, it’s numbers. It was 537 votes in the state of Florida. The millions of votes cast in 2000. Now it’s like 30,000 votes. But it’s always the two counties, the Democratic strongholds that seem to have the most shenanigans played. That’s Broward and Palm Beach County. I saw it during the 2000 recount. It’s basically telling the campaigns 'How many votes do you need?' as opposed to 'How many votes do we have?' And they find votes in the trunks of cars, they find them in hallways. They don’t use the — they use an expedited voting system, which is totally subjective. This is the same shenanigans, but the numbers are completely, completely different."

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