Warner: ‘Clear’ Trump ‘Is Trying to Make Sure the Mueller Investigation Doesn’t Get All Its Final Product Out’

‘Every one of my Republican colleagues has said both publicly and privately that they think firing Mueller would be a mistake’


WARNER: "Well, I’m not a legal scholar, but it’s clear that this president is trying to make sure the Mueller investigation doesn’t get all its final product out. We’ve not seen the results of what Mr. Manafort or the President’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, or the President’s chief financial officer of his business, all folks who have started working with the government starting in August, and the President could have avoided even any of these questions if he had simply appointed the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, to be in this temporary position. Instead, he picked this individual, Mr. Whitaker, who the best asset I can see is he’s a big-time Trump loyalist. And in my mind, I will weigh in on this, that I think he has a clear conflict of interest in terms of overseeing any part of the Mueller investigation."

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