Anderson on 2020: Trump ‘Can Think of Ohio as a Fairly Safe Seat Which Really Helps the Electoral College Map’

‘Ohio and Florida still look winnable’


KILMEADE: "Yeah, you're not optimistic he can get suburbs, but by little adjustments he at least has a shot at doing better than he did this time. Ohio and Florida still look winnable. In Ohio they have a governor there who is Republican again and looks like they had one, we thought, in Florida, too. You like what you saw in those two key states?"
SOLITIS ANDERSON: "Yeah. I think especially, you know, if you take a look at Ohio. They reelected their Democratic senator, so you can still argue that Ohio is a swing state. But, in the last presidential election, Ohio and Texas voted about the same, almost 10 points for Donald Trump. Now, whether that says more about is Texas becoming a swing state or is Ohio pretty solidly red, I think the President can think of Ohio as a fairly safe seat which really helps the Electoral College map." 

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