Mike Slater: Border Agents Say They ‘Feel Like Nothing More Than a Glorified Walmart Welcoming Crew’

‘Absolute common sense has to happen’


SLATER: “Absolute common sense has to happen. They feel like nothing more than a glorified Walmart welcoming crew. Someone comes across the border illegally, instead of trying to avoid the border patrol, they run to the border patrol. They wave down the border patrol come rescue us border 35 control picks them up and drops them at the trolley stop on our side of the border and says hey, see you later, come back in a year or so for your trial. That’s insane. That has to stop. And all I’m calling for and all the people of San Diego are calling for is order at the border. Not cut it off totally. Order at the border. And that’s what trump’s policy does. It’s great. “

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