Abby Phillip: The Reason Whitaker Is the AG Is ‘Literally’ Because He ‘Caught’ Trump’s ’Attention’ on TV

‘That shouldn’t come as a surprise to folks at the White House’


PHILLIP: “It’s a common theme and has been going on since day one. So it’s no surprise they didn’t really investigate Matt Whitaker’s background so much. But at the same time, the reason Matt Whitaker is in this position at the Justice Department is literally because he caught the attention of the President and the people in the White House because of what he was saying about Mueller.
PHILLIP: “On television. So that should not come as a surprise to folks at the White House. But of course, going from that point in which he gets a job at the Justice Department to being the acting attorney general, there was obviously a disconnect in whether or not people really thought through the legality of this and how it would work. And now they are facing real backlash. It becomes clear also that as they are thinking about a permanent replacement, Matt Whitaker certainly cannot be on the list and it would be I think very difficult for him to be confirmed.”

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