Scarborough on Fla. Recount: Rick Scott, Trump, Rubio Are ‘Freaked out’ That Votes May Be Counted

‘It seems like more Trump Republicans are losing their seats’


SCARBOROUGH: “So let’s talk really quickly. This news keeps coming at us every day. I got a call from some people I know in Florida going, ‘This race is not over. Bill Nelson is picking up votes and may go ahead.’ Well, by night, you actually had a full-on freak out from Marco Rubio who is going on Twitter saying he doesn’t want all the votes counted. Rick Scott is freaking out, too —“
BRZEZINSKI: “ — alleging unlawful behavior when it doesn’t go his way.”
SCARBOROUGH: “You know, when I was part of the Republican effort back in 2000, our fight was to count all the votes. See, the Republican Party then, we were fighting to make sure that all the military votes got counted. If you want to see where the Republican Party is in 2018, 18 years after we were fighting to count all the votes, now it’s Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and Rick Scott that are freaked out that actually Florida citizens may have their votes counted. That tells you about everything you need to know about Trumpism in the Republican Party. Also, Donald Trump has been about his big win. Not looking so good, because every hour that passes by, it seems like more Republicans are losing — more Trump Republicans are losing their seats.”

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