Jackie Speier: If Someone Is Mentally Incapacitated, We Have To Take Their Gun Away for a Period of Time

‘The NRA has got to recognize there are things we can and must do to make Americans feel safer about having guns in our community’


SPEIER: "So the Parkland students have the guts to go to Tallahassee and demand that there be action taken, and in three weeks a state that rarely does anything around gun violence prevention passed legislation to ban guns being sold to kids under the age of 21, ban bump stocks and require a three-day cooling-off period. There are many things we’ve been trying to do that really are just closing loopholes that we must do in terms of background checks. But we also have to look at this whole issue of when people are in a mental incapacity, being determined to be mentally deficient is a very high standard to reach. And if someone is mentally incapacitated at a time, you take their gun away for a period of time, have them have the counseling and give their gun back to them. I think we’ve got to start look at things like that."

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