Rep. Steve Cohen on Sessions: ‘This Is an Open, Notorious and Brutal Assault on Our Democracy’

‘Our democracy is under attack’


COHEN: "We’ve written letters to Mr. Whitaker to preserve all records and correspondence, and we've written letters to Mr. Goodlatte asking for hearings, which we might as well be writing to Santa Claus and asking him for a Lexus or a Tesla or whatever, it's just not going to happen. I don't think Mr. Whitaker will respond either, but we’re doing what you should do and what you’d expect reasonable elected officials and appointed officials to respond to. Other than that, we can prepare for when we go into the majority in January 3. There are legal avenues that can be pursued where members of Congress can take action to question his not making a recusal and also to question his appointment, whether or not it’s a vacancy or not, whether it was a voluntary vacancy and whether he was fired and whether or not he had to be approved by the Senate at some time or whether it was a recess appointment. I think the Committee is looking at all those things. Beyond that, I’m going to go to the protest today in Memphis. There’s one today and one on Saturday I hope to be able to go to, too, and let people know that we’re listening, we hear them and we share their concern that our democracy is under attack and that this is an open and notorious and brutal assault on our democracy and on transparency and on justice."

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