McConnell: It’s ‘Democratic Fantasy’ that GOP’s Attacking Health Care

‘Democrats now have some responsibility’


McCONNELL: "First of all, there aren’t any Republican attacks on Medicare or Social Security. That’s all Democratic fantasy that they spin every two years."
PERINO: "Every cycle."
McCONNELL: "Yeah. But with regard to health care, it’s not working well. This is ObamaCare. It’s not working well. The American people have given us divided government. The Democrats now have some governing responsibility being in the majority in the House. I think what they’re saying to us is you guys get together and figure out a way to improve the health care system. ObamCare has not worked well. So they’ve given us a divided government. We have to work together. We need to improve the healthcare system in America because it’s not working well."

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