Gergen: If Dems Win, Americans Will Wake up Thinking, ‘I Feel More Comfortable About Who We Are as Americans’

‘I’m not sure if the Democrats can govern well or not, it may be a rough couple of years’


GERGEN: "I think it is fair to compare them because they're so different, not because of their similarity. I mean President Obama, yeah, some people found him divisive, but he didn't use the kind of sharp rhetoric, the below-the-belt kind of punching you have seen here. He was -- you know, he was much more eloquent man who tried to go on the top of the mountain top. I think there's something fundamental going on in this election that we should bring to the surface, and that is that there were a lot of people that hate Donald Trump, who are really upset about him. You know, the extremists on this poll who really worry that this was no longer the country they thought it was. They worried about what kind of people we're becoming. If this had gone -- if the numbers hold tonight, I will tell you a lot of people will wake up tomorrow thinking, I'm not sure if the Democrats can govern well or not, it may be a rough couple of years, but I recognize this country, I feel more comfortable about who we are as Americans."

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