Bobby Jindal: ‘Going into this Election, I Think Overall the Republicans Have Done a Great Job, and They Deserve To Be Reelected’

‘I think President Trump has done many good things’


JINDAL: "I actually do. That was one of the few, maybe only times I actually agreed with Governor Dukakis. I do think we ought to get control of the debt. I think President Trump has done many good things. He said he was going to cut taxes. He did that. He said he was going to appoint conservative judges, he did that. He said he was going to stand with Israel, and he did that. One of the things that hasn’t been done yet, the Republicans in D.C. have yet to really get spending under control. They haven’t cut spending, they haven't balanced the budget, so I think that’s a valid concern, but overall, and it is an important concern. I am not trivializing that. It’s funny to see Democrats all of a sudden get religious on deficits after eight years of record-setting debt under President Obama. And so certainly that is a valid criticism, but going into this election, I think overall the Republicans have done a great job, and they deserve to be reelected."

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