Acosta Warns Trump’s Governmental Staff Is Close To Violating Laws By Appearing at Political GOP Rallies

‘We saw the white House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, and the White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway, take the stage to talk to this crowd here’


ACOSTA: "That’s right. He told a local affiliate in the Washington, D.C. area, that if he had one regret, it is that he has not softened his tone. Anderson, it’s interesting, we haven’t seen President Trump or even then candidate Trump soften his tone since he launched his campaign in 2015. I just think that’s an interesting comment. Then tonight at this rally in Indiana, he said, listen, I eventually want to unite the country. This from a president who’s been in office two years. One thing thing we should point out, there seems to be an indication coming from the Trump campaign they’re very worried about what women voters are going to do. One Trump adviser said they feel there is a large gap when it comes to women voters. Interestingly, tonight we saw Ivanka Trump, we saw the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, and the White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, take the stage to talk to this crowd here. Anderson, when Sarah Sanders came out, I was looking around and looking for our friend April Ryan and some of our other colleagues in the White House press corps because it was so interesting to see Sarah Sanders at a rally like this. They seem to acknowledge the fact that they may be getting very close to violating the Hatch Act because they told the crowd here that they were here on their own personal accord, Anderson."

(Via RawStory)

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