Steve Kornacki: This Is ‘the Best Run of Polls Democrats Have Had in These Key Races’

‘It’s the best run of polls Democrats have had in these key races’


SCARBOROUGH: "The old politician in me, I’d always tell everybody that worked for me, I'd say, 'Don’t look at the numbers, look at the trends, all that matter are the trends.' And it is. All those upshot polls, I have noticed a slight Democratic trend over the past four or five days."
KORNACKI: "And I think it might even be more than slight. If I was just looking at those polls —"
SCARBOROUGH: "I’m sort of — I’m trying to —"
KORNACKI: “I think I’m having the same reaction as you. Because if I just looked at those polls, that is the best run of polls. They’ve been doing this for more than a month now, it’s the best run of polls Democrats have had in these key races. There was one in particular, a Trump district, exurban Illinois, Randy Hultgren, Republican incumbent, falling six points behind in their poll. That's a district Republicans thought they were going to win.”

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