Steve Scalise: Dems Have Been Trying To Mislead Voters About Our Position on Health Care

‘We actually protect people with pre-existing conditions’


SCALISE: “Look this growing economy is still the top issue. Democrats have been trying to mislead people about healthcare. Go read our bill. We actually protect people with pre-existing conditions in multiple different ways. The same people that lied and said if you like what you have you can keep it. The same people that lied and said if you’ll see premiums go down under ObamaCare those same people are lying again about healthcare, surprise. Right before an election. I think people see through that. They want national security. They want a strong America. They don’t want to see look we’re a great rich nation of immigration. We’re a country that lets more than a million people into our country every year legally by the way no one is even close to second place to America, yet we are a nation of laws and people want to see our border secure. They don’t want to see thousands of people just saying we don’t care about your laws we’re coming in any way they’re glad that President Trump is standing up saying we’re going to secure the border of this country let’s keep growing the economy.” 

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