Granholm Blames Rise in Hates Crimes on Trump: This President Is Making People ‘Feel Unsafe’

‘You will see the rise of people who are angry about that’


GRANHOLM: "And the question is who considers themselves a Republican, as well? Because there has been some migration by people who are women in the suburbs who would have otherwise called them Republican, who feel so angry. And who feel, you know, when you ask senator Santorum about this “H,” where he puts it in the air to emphasize it without saying the name. There was a story on the front page today of the “New York Times” which talked about the increase in this, in hate crimes. And this rhetoric about immigration and about who we are as a nation and about whether people feel safe. The fact that there is an increase in these hate crimes, causing people and especially people who are not just in those groups, but who are raising their kids in a country that they thought was inclusive. They don’t want to feel unsafe in going to a yoga studio. They don’t want to feel unsafe in their places of worship. And this president is making people like that feel unsafe and not safe. And that, I think has a pushback in the polling, but also, I think at the polls, you will see the rise of people who are angry about that."

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