Dan Bongino Rips Chris Hahn for Calling Trump an ‘Evil Genius’: ‘You’re Losing Your Mind,’ ‘You Humiliated Yourself’

‘You should retract that’

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HAHN: “The president will visit the troops at the border unlike the troops in Afghanistan which he never had the courage to visit. This is not an invasion. This happens all the time. It’s ginned up to get the base motivated. It might be working politically. The president may be an evil genius.”
PIRRO: “I don’t think he’s evil. What do you say, Dan.”
BONGINO: “Chris, listen, man, that’s gross. Why would you suggest the president of the United States, whatever personal groups is you have with him. People can see this. We are not on a private Internet chat room. People can see this. Why would you suggest the president of the United States doesn’t like the troops? Maybe I shouldn’t — I have still got friends in the secret Service who actually know the president. You are not going to talk over me. I don’t play that game. I have people I know friend who actually work with this president. They don’t share classified info but they told me multiple times how much he adores our cops, firemen and military. You saying that lierkt’s a political stunt and he doesn’t have the guts to visit them. You should retract that. You humiliated yourself.”

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