Trump: Open Borders Mean Crime

‘It doesn’t work’


TRUMP: "Everything we’re doing is totally legal. It’s all gone through the courts. We have one of the few systems where, instead of telling people you can’t come in, we take them in and we have to bring them through a court system. It is the most ridiculous system in the world. It’s obsolete. But that’s not the problem. The problem is, it’s a stupid system. It doesn’t work. And the Democrats and the Republicans could change it immediately. We could do it in one day. We could have it fixed. But the Democrats don’t want to do it because they’re playing politics. And actually, I think it’s very bad politics, because the people of this country know what’s going on better than they do. And you know what? We could fix our immigration system in one day if we could sit down with them. But they don’t want to do it because they want open border, and open borders mean crime. They want those people coming up by the thousands — honestly, they always have come up. They want them to pour into our country and in the group, you just saw the report that came out, you have a lot of bad people. You have people that are criminals. You have people with records. You have people with criminal records. We could fix this system so quickly, so easily, but we need some Democrat votes or vote all Republican. If we had more Republicans, it would be fixed immediately."

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