NBC: Mike Huckabee ‘Preaching to the Party’s Right Wing’ Ahead of Possible 2016 Bid

‘Mike Huckabee is preaching to the party’s right wing in his new book “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” skewering the First Family’s parenting skills’

NBC’s Peter Alexander: Mike Huckabee 'Preaching to the Party's Right Wing' Ahead of Possible 2016 Bid (NewsBusters)

On Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News, NBC News national correspondent Peter Alexander reported on the current makeup of the Republican presidential field in 2016 on the heels of news that the Republican nominee in 2012, Mitt Romney, has begun reassembling his campaign staff to make a third bid for the White House.

In the course of mentioning former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee as one of those possible candidates, Alexander declared that Huckabee was already out “preaching to the party's right wing in his new book” and “skewering the First Family's parenting skills.”

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