Dana Loesch: We Have to Wait and See Whether Beto O’Rourke Is the Male Version of Wendy Davis

‘Turnout for Democrats and enthusiasm ultimately waned [with Wendy Davis]’


EARHARDT: "Well everything is bigger in Texas, including the stakes for this year’s Senate race. The latest 'Real Clear Politics Average' now showing Ted Cruz ahead of the progressive candidate Beto O’Rourke by seven points."
DOOCY: "All right. Syndicated radio host Dana Loesch lives in Texas, joins us right now from Texas to comment on it. You know, Dana, a lot of people are surprised that it has been as close as it has been. Right now, Cruz has opened up a lead of over five or six points, but nonetheless, why so close?"
LOESCH: "That’s a great question and good morning to everyone. It is a lot bigger here in Texas. And this race is super expensive and it is a lot closer than people like me are comfortable with, to be quite honest. But however I also remember back to when Wendy Davis was running. And I think we still have to wait and see whether or not Robert O'Rourke, Beto O’Rourke, is the male version of Wendy Davis.”

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