Peter Baker: Trump Sees the Presidency More Like the WWE

‘I think Trump sees himself like everybody else’


BAKER: “Well, look, exactly right. You are right about the Bush/Kerry contest. You mentioned the Obama hurricane Sandy in 2012 when in the last few days before the campaign, he was a president with Chris Christie, Republican governor, dealing with the crisis, confronting very real Americans and not a partisan-type of atmosphere. These are — it’s crass to say these are moments but when — we expect our presidents to rise up to accept that they have a role that’s different than just a partisan. I think Trump sees himself like everybody else. If everybody else is out there swinging away at him, he should be able to swing back at them. And the idea that he should somehow let something fall off his back and try to set a higher tone or a different kind of example, that’s not his conception of the job. He doesn’t see the presidency that way. He sees it as, you know, one more pugilist in a Worldwide Wrestling Federation kind of tournament."

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