Josh Green: ‘Steve King Tied Himself to White Supremacy’

‘This is an issue that goes beyond politics’


GREEN: "Well, I think Steve King tied himself to white supremacy. I think what Steve Stivers is doing here is trying to jump on a grenade and protect his other members from being confronted by reporters saying, do you disavow Steve King's relationship with Nazis or Nazi sympathizers, which is the last thing that these suburban Republican congressional candidates want to have to answer six days before an election. I think that's what you're seeing with this unprecedented, you know, public tweet coming out and throwing one of his own members under the bus on an issue as heated and toxic as white supremacy. But let me just point out one thing. This isn't just a political issue. One of King's big donors. Land O'Lakes, the dairy giant, came out yesterday and announced that they're cutting off fundraising support for King because of these ties to white supremacy. So this is an issue that goes beyond politics.”

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