Seung Min Kim: ‘Jarring at Times To See Him Go from the Very Solemn Trump To Campaign Trump’

‘It was jarring at times to see him go from the solemn Trump to campaign Trump’


KIM: "Yes, I was traveling with the President, and soon after the shootings had occurred and he had stops in Indiana and Illinois throughout the day, he wanted to get his message out, he took this tone that these were horrible acts, that he was horrified by them, that anti-Semitism is despicable, but it was sometimes jarring just standing several feet from him and traveling with him to go from that message and then go and watch him pivot to this campaign tone that we have seen so much from him and that we will see from him for the next several days. He told us traveling on Air Force One at one point earlier in the day that he was considering canceling the political rally he had planned for in Illinois, but it was not long after he made that declaration that he announced to a crowd in Indiana, he was speaking to a Future Farmers of America Convention, 'Look, I’m not going to cancel, we will go ahead with the schedule we have planned. because if we cancel everything, that allows the terror to win out.' That was his message, it seemed to resonate with his supporters who had gathered to see him that day, but it was jarring at times to see him go from this very solemn Trump to campaign Trump."

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