Terry McAuliffe: Trump ‘Was Going Back to His Base’ with His Remarks on Charlottesville

‘I think he was going back to his base’

CUOMO: "The defense of the President is he didn't mean both sides, that there were good people marching along with neo-Nazis. He meant on either side of the debate over the Confederacy statues. Do you believe that?"
McAULIFFE: "No. I don’t believe that at all. I think he was going back to his base. There is no way that as a moral leader — as the president of the United States, you have circumstances when you’re president. As you know, we saw with President Obama and President Clinton and President Bush, when tragedies occur, let it be Oklahoma City or what happened in Charleston or after 9/11, presidents rose to that occasion to bring people together. This president saw the most vile reactionary acts by individuals and he basically, in my mind, praised them and basically dissed the people who were protesting against hatred."

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