Max Boot: ‘False Equivalence’ to Say Political Violence Happens on Both Sides, It’s Just the Right

‘This is not just getting upset and protesting — This is going to a much darker place’


BOOT: “Yes, I do think it's a false equivalency. I've been critical of Democrats on some things. I don't think it makes sense for Progressives to hound officials in restaurants. I don't think we need Hillary Clinton saying we don't need civility. You can't speak about these in the same breath where the president is encouraging violence, when he's talking about immigrants as being animals, when he is embracing nationalism in America first. This is an entirely different category. This is not just getting upset and protesting. This is going to a much darker place, and Republicans, you know, are trying this false equivalence after years of condemning false moral equivalence. That is exactly what they're engaging in right now.”

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