MSNBC’s Cavanaugh: ‘Evidence Is Pretty Clear’ Synagogue Shooting Is a ‘Hate Crime’

‘I mean, the evidence is pretty clear from this guy’s postings and his statements’


CAVANAUGH: “Yeah, I think it’s a horrific scene in there. We might have some children killed. They’re going to go real slow. They’re going to do a careful forensic map of the scene. They’re going to gather all that evidence. FBI will use their evidence response team. You’ll have the Pennsylvania state police, Pittsburgh police, crime scene processors. It looks like they’ve already made a decision that it’s a federal hate crime, which I’m not surprised. I mean, the evidence is pretty clear from this guy’s postings and his statements. And the civil rights division in the department of justice would see that, they would talk with the U.S. Attorney, and that would be a case they would want, clearly. You know, I’ve been involved in many cases with the civil rights division. They’re great folks up there. And you know, churches bombed and burned and things shot up and klansmen and everything else. And when they see a case where the proof is out front and they can make a good case, they always offer that to the D.A., if the D.A. Wants to go that way. The civil rights act, and Danny can tell you more about it later, I’m sure, but 245’s a section in title 18, and it protects you to practice your religion. And if your dangerous weapon is used to murder you, then the penalty can be death. So, it’s a strong statute. The proof has to be there that shows you murdered based on religion. Again, this is a parallel to, you know, the mail bomber who’s got his motive on the van. This guy’s got his motive on the web, and he’s saying it to the police officers. He’s yelling it at them. That’s I critical thing for the civil rights division and the U.S. Attorney. They’ve got to have that motive. And if they have it, they’ll proceed on it.”

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