Howard Dean: Trump Using His Influence for ‘Evil,’ He’s Running ‘a Giant Cult’

‘This is a low point in the history of the republic’

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REID: "That is creepy, Howard Dean, for someone to think of a president as their surrogate father. You are the only person on this panel who ran for president before. There used to be people called deaniacs. People loved Howard Dean. I can't imagine you, Howard Dean, when you had that power over a group of people, particularly young people, to say I will lead you guys in this direction. I think you should hurt my I'll pay your bail. I think my opponents are evil. They're the enemies of the people. You understand the kind of power a political leader can have. What do you make of the way this president uses his power?"
DEAN: "The reason this is complicated, and the reason that I had power and trump has power, people give you that power because they feel trapped or inadequate. When I ran, the problem was the Democratic Party was basically supporting the Republican agenda and I wanted to stand up for the democratic agenda, which was against the war in Iraq. What trump does with the power that people give him who are frustrated, angry, so forth, he turns it to evil. That's the problem with trump. I don't know that he intends to do evil. I think he's so screwed up himself, he is a narcissist, so he has a giant cult. He also has a party that knows very well that he is a giant cult, but is going along with him because in the short-term that's their way to power. That's why the Republicans sold out America. When they fail to stand up for a guy who is clearly unfit to be president of the United States, because of the fear of their own political careers, they have sold America out. And the Republican Party has become a drag on the greatness of America not something that will make America great. This is a low point in the history of the republic. It's not just because trump is a cult figure, it's because his own party will not call him out on it because it's in their short-term interests not to do so. It's going to cost the party a lot of -- cost the country a lot of pain. It's going to cause even the people in this cult even more pain because they're weak, they're fearful to begin with. That will not get better under Donald Trump."

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