Gutfeld: ‘It’s Very Hard To Take Lectures from Democrats About Civility’

‘Who has been stoking anger for decades?’


GUTFELD: "It’s very hard to take lectures from Democrats about civility. Let’s take the long view back. Let’s look at decades. Let’s look at the last few years, in which you called the president Hitler, you called them racist, you've said he’s clinically insane, morally unfit. That’s within two years. Who has been stoking anger for decades? Who has claimed that the political is personal? Meaning they can invade your life? I don’t want lectures from people who pardon the FALN, a terrorist group, who justified the murder of police officers who allowed them to flee, killers to flee. They said nothing about the assassination theater in Central Park, they said nothing about the assassination revenge fantasy in The New York Times, nothing about Kathy Griffin, nothing about Johnny Depp, Madonna, Snoop Dogg. What else did they do, they fundraised with Bill Ayers. He was an actual terrorist! I do not want lectures from these people about civility! They can shove it up their tush. I'm sorry if that's heated rhetoric. I thought that was very civil. Tush was a better word than what I wanted to use. I wrote a book called Joy of Hate five years ago where I talked about this phenomenon of demonization by activists and politicians. I warned this would happen. I wrote 13 chapters on this. We talked about it on this show. So, I can’t take a lecture from people who ignored me about this concern."

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