CNN’s Kayyem: We Shouldn’t Dismiss the ‘False Flag’ Theory Because ‘It’s Possible’

‘We shouldn’t just dismiss the black theory only because we don’t want investigators to dismiss it’


KAYYEM: "A lot of sort of right wing or others are promoting a really, really dangerous false flag theory that Democrats and even the party itself planned this to make Trump look bad and to incite anti-Trumpism. What people need to know is the theory of the case is not known yet. So it is possible that this was a black flag or a hoax operation by someone with political sentiments that align with anti-Trump sentiments. That’s possible. Do I think that’s probable at this stage? No, I’m looking at the rest of the evidence. And to me, as someone who knows something about these cases, I’m looking at this saying it is more probable than not that this is someone who has anti-Democratic animus. But the shouldn’t just dismiss the black flag theory only because we don’t want investigators to dismiss it. In other words, good investigators right now are looking at the totality of the information. They should keep an open mind. If all the information leads in one direction, follow it. So it’s just a question of probability versus possibility.”

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