CBS: White House ‘On the Defensive’ Trying To Explain No-Show at Paris Rally

The White House claimed Obama’s security team would “interfere too much with protestors”

CBS: White House ‘On the Defensive’ Trying to Explain No-Show at Paris Rally (Washington Free Beacon)

World leaders joined arms over the weekend to march in solidarity against the terrorist attacks in Paris. But there was one world power not there: the United States. The country’s absence is speaking louder than words.

While the planning for the rally was put together on short notice and there were no formal invitations, more than 40 world leaders were able to attend. The White House said that the President’s security team would “interfere to much with protestors.” There also was not an appearance by anyone on the administration at the silent march in Washington, D.C. That rally was less than a mile from the White House.

Attorney General Eric Holder was already in Paris for counterterrorism meetings but did not take the time to appear at the march. This lack of appearance is just one in a long list of insensitive blunders. One of the most widely panned instances being the time Obama went golfing on Martha’s Vineyard after addressing the beheading of journalist James Foley by the terrorists of the Islamic State.

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