Gaetz on Mail Bombs: ‘There’s Nothing the Pres. Could Have Said That Would Have Been Enough’ for the Media

‘Fake? Again, the FBI is investigating it as a domestic terror event’


CUOMO: “But why couldn’t he say any of those things in a moment like that? It came to you instinctively, Matt. 'As a young leader, I’m going to say I’m sorry for these people, it shouldn't happen.' He couldn’t. Why not?" 
GAETZ: "I think that there’s nothing the President could have said that would have been enough."
CUOMO: "He could have said that."
GAETZ: "Look, I think he did in his own way." 
CUOMO: "No, there is no own way, Matt. The people who were targeted were targeted."
GAETZ: "What does that matter, Chris?" 
CUOMO: "It matters a lot when the bomb gets sent to you.”

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