Kevin McCarthy: How Large Will Be the Migrant Caravan if Nancy Pelosi Is Elected Speaker?

‘More importantly they want to end ICE’


KILMEADE: “You as majority leader who wants to be speaker taking the lead. You want to fully fund the border wall, but the Senate is not going to go for this, you're not going to get 60 votes. There's even a lot of Republicans like Will Hurd who don’t want to support the border wall. How do you plan on doing it?"
MCCARTHY: "Well the bill is very simple. Build the wall, enforce the law. Not only does it have the funding to build the wall, when we see this caravan coming through, think about the protection you have, more importantly what does it do in there? It actually enhances our ability to remove the MS-13 gang members. It ends sanctuary cities. It has Kate’s law. But think for a moment, we’re worried about the caravan coming but I’m more worried what happens on November 6th. If we are not successful on November 6th, think what it would mean with a Nancy Pelosi as speaker? How large would the caravan start on the 7th?"

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