Joe Lockhart on Sarah Sanders: You Know You’re Going to Get Thrown Under the Bus

You are going to get thrown under the bus;


LOCKHART: "Yeah. To pick up on John's point, you can’t shame the shameless. The traditional politician, if they lied over and over again, other politicians, media, critics would come and they would feel some shame and they would be shamed into telling the truth. He is shameless so there’s nothing you can do. In a sense, some of this is working. We’re talking about it. That’s what he wants. He doesn't want to talk about the fact that Republicans have voted over 60 times in the last Congress to repeal pre-existing conditions and now magically are running out, saying they're for it, which is a feat. But with Trump, you just can’t shame him. You know, as a staffer, you would think he would give up. I know why, and I fully understand why Sarah doesn’t do briefings anymore. Because you just don’t know — you know you're going to get thrown under the bus, you just don't know what row you are going to end up in."

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