RNC Chair: We’re Not Seeing This Blue Wave in the Early Voting in Florida or Nevada

‘They’ve been talking about this blue wave over and over and over again’


MCDANIEL: “I think he is wrong, Sean. They’ve been talking about this blue wave over and over and over again. We are not seeing it. We are not seeing it in the early voting in Florida, Nevada, states that we are already seeing results come in, and certainly on the Senate side, we are seeing leads open up in North Dakota and Missouri and Indiana, so there is great opportunities to pick up seats, but you are right, we have to get out and vote. What you just talked about, what would happen if we lose the house, I know it is not Halloween yet, but a shiver just went down my spine. We have two get all of our voters out there. It is not a done deal, the Democrats are energized, the only way we keep the house is if we get our voters out paired talk to your family, talk to your friends. Get everyone out to the polls. We are fighting for our future. We know what Nancy Pelosi means pay higher taxes, abolish I.C.E., open borders, admiring our country down an investigation after.”

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