Jim Jordan: If Dems Get Control of Congress, They Will Try To Impeach the President

‘They will try to get his tax return, investigate all of his business dealings’


JORDAN: “I am sure they are going do I think it’s power we know from a policy standpoint what they will try to do. They will try to raise your they will try to abolish I.C.E and socialized medicine. From an investigative standpoint, they will try to impeach the president. They will try to get his tax return, investigate all of his business dealings. In my mind, more important in the investigation that Democrats will start if they get control of Congress is doing that they will stop. That is the FBI investigation. They did what they did come as wrong as that was. Dressing in our love, making it look like it was legitimate intelligence and taking it to a circuit court to get a warrant. He that is as wrong as it gets. I think they will stop that. To me that is what is at stake here. The bottom line, I don’t think they will win. I think we will keep the majority and continue to investigate.”

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