Sen. Cardin: Democrats Believe U.S. ‘Should Be out There Trying to Help’ Migrant Caravan

‘It is in our interest to invest in stabilizing Central America’

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BERMAN: “The President has made this a political issue, the thousands of people in Mexico who are part of this so-called caravan. What’s the Democratic policy on this? What do you want to see happen with these thousands of people?”
CARDIN: “Well, John, first of all, it is good to be with you. America’s strength is in our values and we have been a leader internationally for standing up for people who have been at risk. People in Central America, many of them are at risk. If they qualify for asylum, we believe there should be a process by which that case could be heard in a fair manner, protecting the individuals. We have invested a great deal in Central America to try to improve the living conditions and the safety for people in that region. I have been there. I know how gang violence can disrupt the family safety and the economic opportunities are limited. So it’s in our interest to invest in stabilizing Central America. We shouldn’t be threatening to cut off the funds. But the people that are in this caravan, many are in desperate situations. It’s a humanitarian need. The United States should be out there to try to help. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they can come and live in America, but we certainly should not be using the language the President is in regards to the caravan.”

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