Barnicle: ‘The Currency That Donald Trump Trades in Is Hate and Division’

‘The currency that Donald Trump trades in is hate’


SCARBOROUGH: "But, Mike, make no mistake, we’re two weeks out from the election, he goes straight to the race-baiting. Two weeks out from the election he’s talking about illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. Two weeks out from the election he’s talking about an invasion of illegal immigrants. Two weeks from the election, he is talking about Hispanic gang members. You know, he called Hispanics 'breeders' before. Two weeks before the election he’s going straight. He’s just tearing a page from David Duke’s playbook and the Klan's playbook and he’s talking about race. There is no conservative writer, there is no Republican that can deny that he’s not doing that, that he is not playing the race card. They should be ashamed for supporting this guy, perhaps they will, but that’s what he’s doing."
BARNICLE: "Joe, the currency that Donald Trump trades in is hate, hate and division. And that is what he’s spending right now, coast to coast. That's what he did last night in Texas, that's what he does each time he is out on the stump: hate and division."

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