Jesse Watters: ‘If The Democrats Want Open Borders, They Are on the Same Side as the Drug Cartels’

‘We are a melting pot but we are also a nation of laws’


WATTERS: “The president is telling the press to do its job and report the facts. We are a melting pot but we are also a nation of laws. We don’t like people kicking on the border and demanding citizenship. We wanted done the right, proper way. There’s a lot of fake news about the caravan too. They are making it out to be a bunch of mothers with young children but if you look at the video, your eyes aren’t going to live. There is teenage kids. There is 20-year-old man, and they brutally broke through the border into Mexico, roughed up some border police on the Mexican side. They are wearing t-shirts that are calling our president the devil, and a lot of people in America are looking at these visual saying this looks like a hostile crew. We are not necessarily going to welcome you with open arms if you’re going to behave that way. Once they get a little north, they pay the drug cartels $5,000 for a family unit, so now the drug cartels are basically acting like tollbooth operators for America. So if the Democrats want open borders, they are on the same side as the drug cartels. Mexico has to step up and stop this. America would never let other citizens flow through our country in a caravan that way Mexico is doing.”

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