Obama on the Trump Era: ‘You Shouldn’t’ Like ‘What’s Going on Right Now’

‘The threat to our democracy does not come from one person in the White House’

OBAMA: “The threat to our democracy does not come from one person in the White House or Republicans in Congress, or big-money lobbyists , the biggest threat to our democracy is indifference. The biggest threat is those who stay home because they think their voice is not matter. I won states because 10 people extra in every precinct voted, I won that state because of that. The last election, it was probably the same number of people who could fit in a football stadium sway the entire election. Don't tell me your vote doesn't matter. If you do not like what is going on right now, and you shouldn’t, do not complain, do not get anxious, do not throw up your hands, do not boo, vote. When you vote, not just for these candidates, but up and down the line for mayors, sheriffs, district attorneys, you have the power to make sure our voting rights are protected and our criminal justice system treats everybody equally under the law. When you vote, you can protect DREAMers and keep families together. And we can finally pass sensible immigration reform that secures our border and strengthens all of us. When you vote, you have the power to make sure we strengthen laws that protect women. And give my daughters and your daughters the same chances as everybody’s sons. When you vote, you have the difference to make, not just for this country but around the world, your voice. I am hoping you make the right call here.”

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