Rep. Comstock: Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Is Helping Fund My Dem Opponent to Raises Taxes on the Middle Class

‘The Democrats have now sunk over $3.5 million into this race’


COMSTOCK: "I know that got the headlines this week and he lives in Virginia so I guess he decided to get political. The bigger thing that did not get the headline over the past 48 hours, the Democrats have now sunk over $3.5 million into this race and those poll numbers you showed are not accurate. I know, we have been in the field. We are, you know, narrowly ahead. I have always overperformed our polls. Overperformed in these races. And we are out fighting hard. Bloomberg has brought in half of this money, almost $2 million that he is putting in this race. So you have a billionaire who is helping my opponent to raise taxes on the middle class. She wants to get rid of the child tax credit of $2,000. 40 percent increase on business taxes. And we’re out there talking to people every day."

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