CNN’s Sara Murray: We May See More Indictments from Mueller Once We’re Through the Midterms

‘We are expecting it to come out before the end of the year’


MURRAY: “Right. I think the key thing to remember about Mueller right now, you know, he and his team may not be out there releasing indictments or making public statements but they’re doing work behind the scenes. They’re continuing to try to build cases behind the scenes. They’re continuing to talk to Paul Manafort and get his koopgs. Cooperation. They’re talking to Michael Cohen. We may see more indictments once we get through the midterms, and then we will see what is included in the report, whether the president is implicated in anything, his family is implicated in anything, whether others in his orbit are implicated in that. We are expecting it to come out before the end of the year. Whether the American public will see it, or we will see it, that’s a different question.“

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