RNC Chair: ‘Only Way Voters Will Get This Democracy Working Again Is to Reject the Resist-Obstruct Playbook’

‘Democrats have obstructed this president every step of the way’


McDANIEL: "I think the choice is very clear. As Democrats have obstructed this president every step of the way and the culmination of the Kavanaugh hearing, seeing the interruptions, seeing the paid protesters, seeing that they would do anything they could to stop Brett Kavanaugh from serving on the bench, and then you contrast that with the results of what Republicans have put forward for the American people: higher wages, 4 million new jobs, high GDP, taking on the opioid crisis, taking care of our military. I’s a really clear contrast and if voters want to reject — the only way voters will get this democracy working again is to reject the resist/obstruct playbook that Democrats have counted on for the past two years."

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