Capehart: Fla. GOP Running an ‘Overtly Racial Campaign’ Against Gillum

‘I think people will see what they are up to, and it will crystallize for them what is at stake’


CAPEHART: "Oh, sure. Of course it is low. But we have grown accustomed to Republicans going low when it comes to fighting for their political lives. Even within the party they go super low to, you know, rally around a candidate. The idea in that ad that you showed of the woman complaining about mayor Gillum’s response in that last hurricane, did you notice how he emphasized the words he failed and then us. They are running an overtly racial campaign and they are trying to undermine him. And if you notice in mayor Gillum’s response, he says this is a time to come together. We have to rally around because people in our state are hurting. And in those poll numbers that you are showing, that response from him, that might seem meek, too might seem turn the other cheek, I think that a it is resonating with people. People are tired of all the fighting. They want people who makes it clear that they won’t back down from a challenge and that they are willing do the work to help people in the state because how many times can people go to the poll, vote for someone and nothing changes. And that a has beegillum’s mantra all along. He has 24 days.has been Gillum’s mantra all along. He has 24 days. So I think people will see what they are up to. And it will crystallize for them what is at stake."

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