Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan: Trump Has Lots of Conflicts of Interest and He Likes Authoritarian leaders Like the Saudis

‘We’ve never got the Trump’s tax returns’


HASAN: "You’re right, he won’t say unequivocally— he doesn't get angry when a permanent resident for the United States is murdered on foreign soil by an allied government. And the answer — well, there’s many potential answers. One of the obvious ones is, is he making money out of Saudi Arabia. That’s a question being asked a lot now. We’ve never got the Trump’s tax returns. We know the Saudis spent a lot of money on his apartments. He bragged about it a couple years ago in the election campaign that they spent $40-$50 million on his apartments. Earlier this year, the Trump international Hotel in Manhattan posted the first increase in revenue in two years in its first quarter thanks to the Saudi entourage with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman coming to stay. It’s really odd. This is a president with lots of conflicts of interest and a president who likes authoritarian leaders like the Saudi King and Saudi Crown Prince. So it's a perfect storm."

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