Van Jones: In the Era of Trump Everything Is Political

‘Football is political, everything is political’


JONES: "You have Taylor Swift jumping into politics saying that because of LGBTQ issues she's not supporting Marsha Blackburn, who's a female Republican in Tennessee, she's supporting the male Democrat and you’ve got Kanye supporting Trump. And the, o0f course, Dave Chappelle has never endorsed any candidate. He didn't even endorse Obama, but because Ben Jealous is running for governor in Maryland and Ben Jealous is somebody who— he’s known for a very long time, actually his godbrother, he's jumped in. So you've got Dave Chappelle picking a side in the race, picking Ben Jealous. It's a lot that's going on. But I think it reflects the society. I think everybody now has a political opinion. Five years ago, ten years ago you can take a pass. You could just talk about sports or the weather. I think in the era of Trump, everything is political. Football is political, everything is political. So the artists are reflecting that in their stances."

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