CNN’s Gergen: Do Men Wear MAGA Hats To ‘Feel More Masculine?’

‘Does being for trump make them feel more masculine? I don’t know the answer to that’


GERGEN: “I agree with what you and van have both said. I have no trouble with presidents calling in celebrities to the White House, and enjoying each other’s company, you know, this started way back with Warren Harding in 1920, calling in Al jolson. And it goes also way up to Richard Nixon calling in Elvis Presley, with cameras, by the way. He wanted the cameras there, that is part of the presidential tradition. I think what you put your finger on is the judgment that goes into doing it in the face of this horrific storm with so much suffering in the country. It would have been so much better to postpone Kanye West for four or five days, have a conversation did the president can’t go to the people who are suffering so much, have a serious conversation in the White House for god sake, about the relationship of storms, climate change, and when we’re going to do something serious about that. As opposed to having this frivolity. That is what is I think so disturbing. I don’t know anything about Kanye West’s mental condition. What I did pick up on is something I hadn’t thought about. He kept saying about this hat and putting this hat on, made him feel like a man. I kept wondering, is that what’s going on with some of the men in this country and their relationship with Trump. Does being for trump make them feel more masculine? I don’t know the answer to that. There was an overtone in that session.”

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