CNN Blasts Trump/Kanye West Meeting: ‘It’s Sad; Reality TV Show’

‘Pretty extraordinary meeting in the Oval Office at the white House’


RYAN: “But when it comes to issues of Kanye West bringing black people to President Trump, that’s a misnomer. Kanye West made the large portion of the African-American community upset about his comments about race and slavery. So, at this point Kanye West is exposing himself more and more in the highest office in the land. This is not just a moment on TMZ or a moment on E! with 'Being the Kardashians' or whatever that show is. This is for the world to see. The world saw Kanye West in the raw."
BORGER: "This is a reality TV show we were watching."
RYAN: "It’s sad."
BORGER: "There were no planned remarks. I’m assuming that from Kanye West. So the President was sitting there, his family was sitting there, the press pool was sitting there, and they were completely stunned, I believe, by Kanye’s 10-minute monologue. Don’t forget, this is the same person who said that George W. Bush hates black people after hurricane Katrina."

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