‘Fox & Friends’ Presses Trump on Missing Saudi Writer: ‘You Can’t be Killing Washington Post Journalists’

‘We’re being very tough and we have investigators over there’


KILMEADE: "What is at stake? What's at stake with U.S.-Saudi relations, sir?"
TRUMP: "I would say they are excellent. I told them they've got to pay for their military. You know, Saudi Arabia is a very rich country. And for years and years, there would be no Saudi Arabia if there wasn’t a United States, because we protected them. And we don’t get paid for this protection. We should be paid. We spend billions and billions of dollars a year protecting Saudi Arabia. And I’ve told the king, King Salman, I said, 'King, sorry, you got to pay.' And I've said that loud and clear. And they’re going to pay. They're going to pay --" [crosstalk]
KILMEADE: "You can’t be killing -- you can’t be killing 'Washington Post' journalist. So is everything in jeopardy now, sir? Is that in jeopardy now, our good relations with Saudi Arabia?"
TRUMP: "I have to find out what happened. I mean, I do have to find out. And we’re probably getting closer than you might think but I have to find out what happened."

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